Quick Cup

The Quick Cup app allows you to order your coffee before you arrive. We notify you of your quickest option, or you can quickly order from a favorite location. You select from the shops menu, or order your favorite go-to drink, then pay for your order. The shop is notified of your order, and is given real-time data to ensure it is completed just as you arrive! Don’t waste your time in line, get on with your day!


Order ahead and your baristas will be putting on the lid right as you pull up!


The homepage shows you your Quickest Option for coffee, including the wait time at the location. Discover hidden gems and new delicious offerings.

Save Time

Pay with Apple Pay/saved credit card. Then your baristas will be shown a real-time countdown until you arrive, for a perfectly timed pick up!

Favorite Drinks

Save your favorite shop, or favorite drinks for even faster ordering!


Learn more about your favorite shops and connect on social media! Get the latest news and deals!

Shop Owner Informational Trifold

Your customers can order your amazing coffee through an app, allowing you to process orders remotely. Know exactly when the customer will arrive so you can be putting the lid on right as they pull to the window.

Increased Loyalty

Give your patrons the mobile ordering/no wait experience that they desire. While also attracting new customers looking to ‘favorite’ shops that offer this service.

Increase Profit

Enhance customer experience, and boost your bottom line with a system that is entirely free! No start-up costs or subscriptions.


With a real-time countdown to when a customer will arrive, not only at your location, but at your window. Quick Cup makes you more efficient, and able to process more orders, faster.

Modern Design

With only three buttons, training & setup is simple. We also do all your menu entering for a seamless start!

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