This App is Your App

Your customers can now order your amazing coffee through an app. Allowing you to process orders remotely and know exactly when your customers will arrive. So you can be putting the lid on right as they pull up to the window.

Quick Cup makes you more efficient, and able to process customers’ orders faster.

Eliminate the line. Use Quick Cup.

You are Your Customer’s Favorite

Within seconds, your customers can order and pay for their drink. The app allows them to quickly order a saved drink, or search through your menu and discover a new favorite. Quick Cup offers the ability for customers to choose through the same selections of options and substitutions that they would at the counter.

Your baristas are alerted to a new order by an audible notification. They can see the customer’s name, picture and order. Along with a real-time countdown to exactly when the customer will arrive at the window, including any wait time in your line.

With only three buttons, training for the system is incredibly simple.


  • No start-up fees
  • No subscription
  • Free to sign up and start using

The only requirement…

  • A tablet with internet connection

Barista’s Screen

Analytics Screen

Give Them What They Want: You.

  • Have your own order-ahead app
  • Know when customers will arrive
  • Links to your social media
  • Let new customers find you
  • No start-up costs
  • Free tech support
  • Full analytics

The Quick Cup App Lets You

  • Prepare your patrons’ orders faster and more efficiently than ever.
  • Know exactly when they will arrive.
  • Enhance customer experience and boost your bottom line.
“The average wait time would be 4-7 minutes from the beginning of the ordering, payment transaction, and then the final preparation. When using the Quick Cup app, that would be cut down to a minute or less at the drive thru.”
-Phillip Dooley, Frothy Dog Coffee Company